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About Us
Our unique methodology creates amazing success with our clients businesses.

At Angry Bully we help every day business and large corporations build an online presence and generate new income streams. Our team are trained in highly advanced marketing and brand positioning tactics. The company was brought together to bridge a growing gap in the online marketing industry. With SEO firms and mass back linking Agencies taking huge hits from Googles panda update proved to us we were on the right track. None of our web properties or clients suffered any loss of business or deranging for any amount of time. Most actually increased in search engine positioning and placement. The Bully methodology and methods are helping businesses and people realise dreams quicker. 

The team can help your business appear in top search engine positions locking your competitors out of your market. If you need your online business to grow with precision and style you need a Bully. The Bully’s also specialise in Website semantic architecture and promotional plan Blueprinting for Web designers and SEO experts.

Our Expertise allows us to take care of clients from initial branding to full scale market consumption and brand saturation. E commerce domination gives us funny feelings on the inside and we LOVE getting involved and pouring cash into our clients pockets.

E commerce

The online shopping explosion

Shops, Shops, Shops. We LOVE shops. Who doesn’t! We have built so many of them. 89% of people would prefer to buy online than in a real world retail shop. Thats huge and the figure grows each year.  If your taking your business online there is no better team in the world to build your online empire. We have been creating stores on hundreds of different platforms in many niche’s. Take advantage of the worlds biggest marketplace before it becomes so competitive, you’ll have to mortgage your house just to advertise!

We are the only company in existence today that takes a business under its wing and completely smashes the competition out of the park. We wont stop until your on top. Thats our promise to you.

– Brendan Bully, The Boss.

SEO Pro’s

Search Engine optimisation has changed over the last year faster than any time in history. You may of heard some horror stories from people and business that have been penalised by Google and lost rankings … and their business income. With Google launching its new Ai in search algorithms “old School” SEO has become, well …Old School. Our methodology will protect you from Google slaps and loss of income. In fact over the last couple of years while the majority of seo agencies felt the bite of Google updates, our clients started to gain business and move quickly to the top ranks into new positions. Google was actually helping us to dominate our competition!

Social Media Experts

Social Media is a fast moving sector. Most people thought it was just going to be a fad…. Wrong. Social media is by far the most powerful branding and trust building medium on the planet! Our team is trained in hundreds of social media platforms and can create powerful marketing campaigns that spread like a wildfire.



Web Asset Business developers

Bully has a highly trained team that has helped many people reach their business goals. We will work with you every step of the way. Our clients like to think of us partners in success and we like to see you win. Your in good hands with Bully, Hey were certified online business developers


Online Branding

Creating a strong brand is crucial to online success. We develop and combine your unique selling position with a sticky company story to develop the perfect brand personality  for your market. This in turn will attract loyal clients. We understand that people don’t buy what you sell but why you do it.


Brand Protectors!

Where a bunch of smart cookies here and we have developed methods of keeping an eye on everything said on the internet about your business and brand giving you opportunities to correct bad media and also chime into a conversation online to recommend your solutions and services. If its said on the web, we know it. Its Magic

Social Media Experts Mornington Victoria
Semantic Search Mornington

The Semantic Web

Semantics is Huge! These days with rapidly evolving technology it is important for designers to create web properties that computers can read as well as humans. The semantic web is developing rapidly and creating a future proof site will ensure your business avoids costly re-development and down time expenses during upgrades. Our developers are constantly evolving so you can rest assured that your assets will be created highly effective and highly advanced.


We are highly trained in semantic and promotional blueprinting. Bully can offer structure blueprinting for Designers and promotional blueprinting including cost analysis, market analysis and promotional planning. We can tell you what to do and when to do it to get maximum results from your web assets. The team can help define and create a perpetual cycle for unlimited business success 

Market Domination?

I knew you would be attracted to this heading. Market Domination is a complete saturation of your market sector and a perfect positioning of your business to create your brand as the only viable solution to the customer. We do it and we do it well. Contact a Bully to find out more

Certified Theme Zoom Agents

Angry Bully is proud to be a Theme Zoom Certified Online Business Advisor. Our staff have been trained by the best names in the marketing industry and have been certified in the top 3% of SEO and online business development specialists. We are the go to, recommended promotion developers by the worlds leading training agencies and hold advanced training licenses in Web Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Semantic architecture, blueprinting and market positioning. Our clients are are some of the worlds leading brands and marketing firms.

Certified Marketing Agency
Brendan Bunting

The Boss & Marketing Director

Brendan Bunting is the founder and methodology developer behind Angry Bully’s huge success. His outside thinking and years in the affiliate marketing arena helped him develop a different mindset and forward thinking “feel” for online trends.

Brendan has studied online optimisation and marketing, neuro marketing, semantic structuring and human behaviour cycles and developed skill sets to leverage marketing campaigns and promotions to new levels of ROI. Brendan’s research examines why people choose the products they do and what emotions were engaged to reach a decision and purchase.

Brendan’s research has led to develop online marketing systems that infect the web and position brands, products and services in such a way that industry competition and Google updates actually increase web asset sales dramatically.

James Pawlowski

Creative Designer & Web Architect

James Pawlowski is a creative design and digital arts graduate. His skills in Media development and Photography are sought after all over the world.

James’s ability to seamlessly design amazing visual arts have allowed his career to brand and infect some of the worlds leading brands. A keen eye and continual experience in the fashion and beauty industry keep our projects fresh and in front of our competition.

James has owned and operated multiple Creative Design and digital agencies and we are proud to have such experience lead our development teams.

Amazing Support

The bully’s are here to help you succeed in your online adventure. We understand that most people are new to internet marketing so were here for you. You never need to worry, we are just a phone call away………and you will speak with an Ozzy in Australia.